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Private Showroom
Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana

Since 2022 Miriam Loellmann has been using her living room as a private experimental exhibition space that invites and encourages international and local audiences to experience her body of work in her own working style.

                 A main feature of Miriam Loellmann's work is the exploration and combination of different materials. This fascination accompanies her for a long time and over the past years she has developed her very own style with it - her signature.

Geometric shapes have been the artist's orientation for years. Her still young oeuvre is almost entirely created in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. The tropical and very lively environment stimulates the artist again and again anew.


"I'm particularly fascinated by bringing different materials together, which then sound and work together, forming contrasts, creating harmonies and thereby stimulating the senses, especially feeling. I also like the craft aspect of it, because each material requires a different way in which I treat it and bring it into shape."

"I grew up in an environment where art, sculpture, ceramics and music were always an essential and formative part of life. This heritage of quality and richness I want to keep alive and pass on to other people."

Miriam Loellmann, German artist.jpg


In end of 2013 German artist Miriam Loellmann emigrated to Rio de Janeiro to build up her own studio and follow her unique and coherent path making art.


In 2021 Miriam Loellmann made her first short film as an autodidact and discovered another passion in filmmaking that she has been pursuing with great interest ever since. 

The films serve mainly to document her body of work and give an authentic insight into her work and what is behind it and flows into it.

cc blue, 2021 Miriam Loellmann.png

cc tables

The concrete cubes tables with 289 loose concrete cubes as table top are a side project of the artist, which she discovered in 2014 and developed further in 2021.

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