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Miriam Loellmann discovered her working style in 2010, while studying with Japanese visiting professor Masayo Ave at the Weißensee School of Art in Berlin. Even then, she was fascinated by the use and combination of various contrasting materials and wanted to incorporate them into her visual language by developing elaborate, handcrafted processes to create vibrant and innovative geometric artworks. Since then she has been constantly developing and improving her style and technique.

Born in 1985 in Southern Germany, she grew up in a family with a strong artistic streak, where creative expression was a daily practice and was constantly encouraged by her parents and siblings. Painting and crafting have always been a natural way for her to express herself. 


Moving to Rio de Janeiro at the end of 2013, after graduating from art school in Berlin, had a significant impact on Miriam Loellmann's artistic creation. 

The artist creates approximately 4-10 artworks per year. Each work is elaborately crafted by herself and requires a significant amount of time. The artworks can be seen at Miriam Loellmann's private showroom in Rio de Janeiro. Almost all of the year, visitors can make an appointment.  A large number of her artworks are available for direct purchase. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Miriam Loellmann with any further questions.

Thank you. You will hear from me soon.

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