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Miriam Loellmann, 2020.jpeg

(2018 - ongoing)

stainless steel, leather, brass, copper, plaster
in wood frame

Since 2018 Miriam Loellmann has dedicated herself to the works group illusion and isness with enthusiasm, patience, sensitivity, and an alert internal awareness. The compositions play on one hand with illusionary qualities, such as the optical illusion and images of forms created only in the mind, and on the other hand point at every moment to the here and now. The present moment, that which is alive, that which is really there: the work appears to reveal something new, depending on what point of view or under what condition of light it is presented.

Miriam Loellmann, 2022.jpeg

Gesso Cubes

(2017 - ongoing)

plaster, pigment, wax

in wood frame

These artworks are made of small plaster parts, which are poured over weeks and months, dried in the sun and then waxed part by part by hand. These compositions are characterized by their calmness and delicate, almost pastel color tones. The works are strongly inspired by the sky scenes in Rio. The artist creates them mainly in summer/spring, when it is very warm and the plaster can dry quickly.


Miriam Loellmann,2018.jpeg

Woven Metals

(2018 - currently on pause)

stainless steel, copper, brass, iron
in wood frame

In this work group, Miriam Loellmann uses the ancient technique of weaving, which she enjoyed using from a young age to weave papers together. This time she was trying it with different metals and the result was impressive. The metals change in different and unpredictable ways over time, and so does the artwork. This gives the works a special liveliness.


Geometric Compositions 

geometric paintings
(2022 - ongoing)

acrylic, pencil, crayon on canvas
in wood frame

In the paintings from 2022 Miriam Loellmann reduces to forms and colors in interaction. The artist is very much inspired and influenced by both the strict, clear and curved geometric forms of modern Brazilian architecture as well as the organic forms of nature, which appears in Rio in every angle and has a strong influence. 

Miriam Loellmann, 2022.jpeg

Silent Observers

figurative/geometric paintings
(2021 - ongoing)

acrylic on canvas,
acrylic and lacquer on cardboard,
acrylic and aquarelle on paper

in wood frame

In this playful works group the artist repeatedly takes the face in composition, making use of different materials.

These works are about the conscious and alert observation of the permanent stream of thoughts in which one is caught. The artist calls it: the presence of the inner silent observer. The paintings are meant to remind the viewer daily to be awake and aware and in a state of conscious inner observation. 

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