The concrete cube tables are handcrafted to order in a limited edition of 10 (per color tone) as one-of-a-kind pieces by German artist Miriam Loellmann in her studio in Rio de Janeiro. In 2014 she discovered the concrete cubes and created the first concrete cubes table, with 289 loose concrete cubes placed on the leather surface of the steel table, each cube exchangeable with each other.

Her idea was that all the different and unique cubes together form the table top, an irregular surface, which resembles stones, and when touched, give a tactile experience that stimulates the senses. This unusual sculptural piece is both a work of art and a small table for use or decoration. The tables radiate calmness and simplicity, bringing joie de vivre and refreshment to any environment. For eight years, the artist has been developing the concrete cubes and tables with the same freshness and fascination, always surprising herself with each creation.

Miriam Loellmann polishes cube by cube for several days

The production of a table takes about 30 to 60 days. The size of each table is 56.5 x 56.5 x 56.5 cms and weighs about 22 kg. The steel base is made by a local welder with whom Miriam Loellmann has been working faithfully since 2016. The tables are numbered and signed by the artist and can be ordered and shipped internationally.

Since June 2022 the concrete cubes tables are also available for purchase at 1stdibs through Galerie Philia, an international contemporary sculptural design and art gallery. 


ARTFUL LIVING: the concrete cubes tables, 2021


the artist presents in this short film the concrete cubes tables, that she discovered and started to create in 2014. this film shows the newest creation of cc tables 2021 and gives a view into the process of making.