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Miriam Loellmann is a Rio de Janeiro - based visual artist who focuses on using and combining different, often contrasting materials to create geometric compositions. Since 2012 she has been developing elaborate, handcrafted processes to create vibrant artworks with her own style and technique. 

Initially, she concentrated mainly on haptic perception and experience, creating large scale artworks that emphasized touch (Copacabana Floor, 2012/13; Ipanema Wall, 2014/15). Through these works she developed an interest in visual perception of form, space and movement, while still intending to stimulate touch indirectly. 

Born in 1985 in Southern Germany, she grew up in a family of 7 with a strong artistic streak, where creative expression was a daily practice and was constantly encouraged by her parents and siblings. Painting and crafting have always been a natural way for her to express herself. 

Miriam Loellmann studied Textile and Surface Design at the KHB Weißensee Art School in Berlin. Masayo Ave, a Japanese visiting professor, had a significant influence on Miriam Loellmann's artistic direction. She decided to move to Rio de Janeiro in late 2013, seven months after graduating to establish her studio and artist career from the ground up. This decision had a significant impact on Miriam Loellmann's artistic creation.

Artist Contact

Studio & Showroom

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visit by appointment only.

For further details please contact Miriam Loellmann.

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photo credit: Allan Benigno

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