Since 2022 I have been using my white living room as a private experimental exhibition space that invites and encourages international and local audiences to experience my body of work in un unusual way. 


Here you can see and experience different artworks, walk through my studio and my small garden on the veranda with a refreshing view of the sea and sky and breath in the tropical air and light-filled atmosphere that surrounds me day by day as I create and live.

Nine artworks hang in the room and more can be seen in the archive. The beauty of the space is that the works can be experienced in very different lighting situations, natural as well as artificial light and in a living space where you can get the feeling of what it is like to live with the artworks. 

Experience it yourself! Contact me for a visit.*

* From time to time I make short films about one minute to give an insight into my showroom or studio, which I then send to my international audience in form of email, since not everyone has the opportunity to travel all the way to Rio. 

If you would like to be part of my network and receive news about my work and development in a very personal and direct way, feel free to drop me a line. I look forward to meeting you!