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Gesso Paintings

Gesso Paintings Series

2020/22 - current

These calm and delicate works of art are made of small plaster cubes that are molded over days and weeks; dried in the sun, then waxed and polished by hand, to make the surface of the cubes even smoother and softer, before being arranged on a "wooden canvas" to create a geometric composition.


The cubes have slightly varying heights, creating a light and vibrant movement on the surface of the artwork.


The first works in pure white plaster were made in 2017. In 2020, Miriam Loellmann began using pigments and developed a technique for casting plaster so that it looks painted. This is why the artist refers to them as "gesso paintings“ (gesso = plaster in Portuguese).

Gesso Paintings
Illusion and Isess Text
Miriam Loellmann_DSC_2823.jpg

Illusion and Is-ness 

Illusion and Is-ness Series

2018 - 2023

Since 2018, Miriam Loellmann has been working on the "Illusion and Is-ness Series", using the visual language of optical illusion and kinetic expression to create tactile and visual contrasts by combining different materials. 


Through these works, the artist investigates as well as discovers the complexity and multifaceted nature of the mind, thoughts and our attachment to them; at the same time, she channels the simplicity and clarity of presence. 


The artworks consist of various plaster parts covered in deep-toned leather and metal pieces that interlock to form a vibrant, geometric composition. The artist alters the metal surfaces by sanding and polishing to create interior forms - apparent portals or doors that allow the viewer to look into a formless space that moves and changes as one approaches. In contrast, pieces of colored leather form the outer shape. 


These various textures - smooth and rough, soft and firm - combine to form a tactile prism of light and space. The works reveal something new, depending on the viewer’s perspective or the lighting conditions under which they are presented.

Illusion and Isness

Woven Metals

Woven Metals Series


Miriam Loellmann's "Woven Metals Series" uses an ancient weaving technique that she has frequently used since studying art in Berlin to weave papers together. 


In these works, two different metals are interwoven. In some cases, metals change over time due to oxidation in a variety of unpredictable ways. This aspect gives the artworks a special liveliness and unique characteristics.


The series of works is currently paused. Further works of art in this style are planned for the coming years.

Woven Metals

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