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Since 2022 I have been using my living room as a private experimental exhibition space that invites and encourages international and local audiences to experience my body of work in my own business model


Here you can see and experience different artworks, walk through my studio and my small garden on the veranda with a refreshing view of the sea and sky and breath in the tropical air and light-filled atmosphere that surrounds me day by day as I create and live.

Nine artworks hang in the room and more can be seen in the archive. The beauty of the space is that the works can be experienced in very different lighting situations, natural as well as artificial light and in a living space where you can get the feeling of what it is like to live with the artworks. 

Experience it yourself! Contact me for a visit.*

* if you would like to receive news about my work and development, feel free to send me an email so that I can include you in my contacts. I look forward to meeting you!

my buiness model




In the last three years I have often thought about how I would like to work, which form suits me at all and what exactly motivates me. 


Inner independence, autonomy and the freedom to express myself in my own way has always meant a lot to me and I became more and more aware that this must be a point of orientation in my direction and way of working, to be able to really unfold.


Until now I have never been able to see myself in the 'classic model' of an artist represented by galleries that are responsible for the sale and visibility of the artworks while the artist is working in his or her studio. I ask myself, how a gallery with few staff can take good care of so many artists at the same time? And I ask myself in how far this form of dependence is good for the artist and his process?


Taking things into my own hands and taking care of them myself, has always been important to me. It is part of my personality, of my creative expression. I am very enthusiastic about engaging and challenging myself with new subjects, especially those of an entrepreneur. It is this overlap of different fields and tasks that makes me curious and enriches me enormously, which is then reflected very positively in my creative process of making art.


Therefore, I have currently opted for a more independent, private and direct style of work, where I represent myself, have the responsibility and also the freedom to make decisions. People discover and come to my work through invitation, recommendations, insider tips, and direct requests. Feel free to contact me for further questions.

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