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Miriam Loellmann
Rio II, 2022
(geometric compositions)

114 x 78 cm
acrylic and crayon on canvas,
in wooden frame

Miriam Loellmann_2920.jpg
Miriam Loellmann_2926.jpg
Miriam Loellmann_2922.jpg
Miriam Loellmann_2924.jpg
Miriam Loellmann_2927.jpg


"Rio II", is part of the Geometric Compositions Series, which the artist has been working on since 2022 with emphasis on the interplay of forms and color tones in an abstract geometric style. Miriam Loellmann focused more on an abstract figurative style in the past and changed her style direction since 2018 in parallel with her other emerging geometric artworks, to an abstract geometric style. "I felt the longing for more clarity and calmness in my paintings. I was looking for a new coherent form of expression and geometric compositions emerged“, describes the artist. This painting is influenced by the curved shapes that the artist is surrounded by in different ways in Rio de Janeiro: the Brazilian architecture, the hills, the gardens of Burle Marx, the patterns on the floors, the beach scenes, ... The geometric shapes of this painting come from leftover cardboard stencils of a previous work and placed to create a vivid composition.

Miriam Loellmann_Rio II_exh floor.jpg

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Purchase Information

Price: € 8.700

Materials:  acrylic and crayon on canvas, in wooden frame (handcrafted by the artist)

Size:  114 x 78 x 4.5 cm  /  44.88 x 30.71 x 1.77 in

Rarity:  Unique Work

Medium:  Painting

Signature:  Hand-signed by the artist

Certificate of authenticity:  Included (issued by artist)

Frame:  Included

Shipping and Taxes:  free shipping on this artwork, including import tax and customs duties

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