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Miriam Loellmann
innere Harmonie, 2023
(Illusion and Is-ness Series)

71.5 x 58 cm
leather, stainless steel, plaster
in wooden frame

Miriam Loellmann_2817.jpeg
Miriam Loellmann_DSC_2823.jpg
Miriam Loellmann_2820.jpg
Miriam Loellmann_2822.jpg


Innere Harmonie (inner harmony) is part of Miriam Loellmann’s Illusion and Is-ness Series, which uses the visual language of optical illusion and is featured by the combination of different materials to create tactile contrast and sounds. The artwork "Innere Harmonie" is inspired by the idea of the interplay and harmony of inner and outer spaces that the viewer traverses and thus experiences within himself. It is a play of forms that the artist skillfully creates. She changes the surfaces of the metal by grinding and polishing to create an inner form - apparent portals or doors that allow the viewer to look into a formless space that moves and changes the closer we get. In contrast, dyed leather parts are surrounded forming the outer form. These various textures of smooth and rough, soft and solid, come together to create a tactile prism of light and space. The artwork radiates lightness, clarity and calmness into the space and surprises the viewer again and again anew, as the work changes through movement. "I want to bring the viewer into a state of wonder, presence and clarity,“ describes Miriam Loellmann. "Innere Harmonie" was created in Rio de Janeiro in 2023, where the artist worked on the artwork for several weeks using simple techniques and craftsmanship. It is only finished with the wooden frame, which was also built by Miriam Loellmann. The artwork is signed on the back.

Purchase Information

Price: € 5.000

Materials:  stainless steel (partly polished, partly hand sanded), leather, plaster, in blackened wooden frame

Size:  71.5 x 58 x 4.3 cm  /  28.15 x 22.83 x 1.69 in

Rarity:  Unique Work

Medium:  Mixed media

Signature:  Hand-signed by the artist (on the back)

Certificate of authenticity:  Included (issued by artist)

Frame:  Included (handcrafted by the artist)

Shipping and Taxes:  free shipping on this artwork, including import tax and customs duties

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