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since 2018 Miriam Loellmann has dedicated herself to the works group 'illusion and isness' with enthusiasm, patience, sensitivity, and an alert internal awareness. through this paintings the artist explores and discovers the complexity and intricacy of mind and of thought, and our attachment to them. simultaneously, she channels the simplicity and clarity of the presence. the paintings play on one hand with illusionary qualities, such as the optical illusion and images of forms created only in the mind, and on the other hand point at every moment to the here and now. the present moment, that which is alive, that which is really there: the work appears to reveal something new, depending on what point of view or under what condition of light it is presented. 

for several years, Miriam Loellmann is attracted to continually combining different materials in order to create tangible contrasts and sounds. providing access to sensory perception is a main focus of her work.

works from 2016 - 2018:

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