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Gesso Cubes, (2017 - ongoing)

These calm and delicate artworks are made of small plaster parts, which are poured over weeks and months, dried in the sun and then waxed over days and weeks part by part by hand.


The first works are in pure white plaster. Only in 2020 Miriam Loellmann begins to work with pigments and develops a technique to cast the plaster that it looks as if it were painted. 

The compositions with pastel color tones are strongly inspired by the sky scenes in Rio. The artist creates them mainly in summer/spring, when it is very warm and the plaster can dry quickly.

Miriam Loellmann, white cubes, 2017.jpeg

White Duo, 2017

95 x 72 cms

plaster, wax

in wood frame

Miriam Loellmann, 2017.jpeg
web_p1 detail3 Kopie.jpg
web_p1 detail2 Kopie.jpg

painting 1: Summer in Rio, 2020,2022

123 x 99 cms

plaster, pigment, wax

in wood frame

Miriam Loellmann, 2022.jpeg
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