Miriam Loellmann was born in 1985 in Southern Germany, where she grew up together with her four siblings in an artistic setting where creative expression was a shared practice in her family. Quite early she developed a passion for perception and visual communication, which she has followed and developed with ambition and sincerity ever since. 


 Miriam Loellmann’s formal art training included one year at the private art school in Stuttgart and four years at KHB Weissensee art academy in Berlin, where she studied ’Textile and Surface Design’. She explored the various ways in which elementary forms and structures may appear, giving art a functional purpose by exploring the overlaps between art and architecture. In the beginning of her career, she realised large scale artworks as whole wall and floor installations for private residences in the Netherlands and Brazil. Her early works play with contrasts between diverse materials and sensations, trying to organise them in uncommon ways to invoke the viewer’s sensitivities as they come in contact with them.

 In 2018, now Rio de Janeiro-based artist Miriam Loellmann changed her focus and started further developing Victor Vasarely’s op-art style and approach, creating her own style, bringing art to life with light and kinetics. It is as if her artwork has a mind of its own, existing without human influence, with a focus on pure forms and colour, diverse materials and reflections. The works play with the reader’s interpretations and senses by creating illusory effects of depth, perspective and motion within static forms. 

 The works of Miriam Loellmann are not products of rational conceptual thought but rather they result from intuitive impulses which in turn allow the viewer to access his own impulses, emotions, inspirations and observations. They resemble poetry, rejecting concrete definitions and instead evoking notions beyond words, forms, colours, and explanations. 

 Miriam Loellmann creates from a place of inner peace, aliveness and beauty. Her artistic expression is one form of reflection of her inner state of consciousness. Realising the formless dimension  within and seeking for clarity and pureness is primary in her life and all her creation of art. It is a constant changing and transient process of learning, enjoying, asking, understanding, recognising, confronting, having the courage to step into the unknown and being present in all this lifeforms and experiences. 




Hilzingen / Germany

Private Rooftop III (solo) 

Rio de Janeiro / Brazil 


M.A.D.E. (solo)

São Paulo/ Brazil

Private Rooftop II (solo)

Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil



ARTRIO / IDA (solo)

Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil

Private Rooftop I (solo)

Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil


ARTRIO / IDA (solo)

Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil


Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz (group)

Berlin/ Germany



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