ARTFUL LIVING #01: the first exhibition, ap 11th floor, copacabana, rio de janeiro


'from time to time i hang up artworks from different work phases, which then together create a sound, an unique atmosphere. it is an expression of a different kind of creation, a creation from the finished works that exists only for a certain time. 


 i then live with these pictures for a while and let them take effect on me. in doing so, i always discover something new, let myself be inspired and surprised. 


although the works were created in very different situations, they all have one thing in common, which radiates: my love and dedication to creation.


it is the creative power that pulsates so vividly in me and to which i surrender full of curiosity and wonder - again and again anew.


it is an inexhaustible act of receiving and giving birth, holding on and letting go, to which i have remained faithful since my early childhood.'

- Miriam Loellmann


woven metals no.2, 2018

80 x 60 x 5 cms

stainless steel, copper

EUR 8000,00

Tapis du rêve, 2018

100 x 60 x 4 cms


on plaster and plywood

in wooden frame

EUR 4800,00



formconstruct, 2020

113.5 x 78 x 4 cms

stainless steel, leather

on plaster and plywood

in wooden frame

EUR 12.000,00

'the works radiate a strong presence;

it is as if they are living beings that enliven the room in a delicate and quiet way.'


- Miriam Loellmann


cc red table, 2021

56.5 x 56.5 x 56.5 cms

concrete, steel

EUR 1850,00

incl. shipping costs

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inner gift, 2021

113.5 x 78 x 4 cms

stainless steel, leather

on plaster and plywood

in wooden frame

EUR 10.500,00


my basquiat, 2017

113.5 x 78 x 4 cms

acryl on canvas

in wooden frame

(not for sale)

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Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

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