in 1985 i was born as the fourth of five siblings in southern Germany, where i spent my very creative childhood and adolescence. between 2007 and 2013 i was taught in various disciplines at three different art schools in Stuttgart, Berlin and Lisbon and was working partly as an assistant to the painter couple Heidi Foerster and Detlef Freudig in Stuttgart and southern France. at the end of 2013, six month after my graduation, i took the conscious decision to move alone to Rio de Janeiro to build up my own studio, develop my individual way of working and follow my vocation to make art. i had with me a self-bound book about my final exam project, which served as a starting point to get a foothold in Rio, to align myself, and to find my very own direction. shortly after my arrival i got a commission for a large mural in a beautiful big house overlooking Rio, which required me to find a studio. that was a first decisive step and since then my studio, my archive, and my artistic career have grown from year to year.

portrait 2022


exhibition room, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

in late 2021 i have transformed my living room into a private experimental exhibition space that invites and encourages international and local audiences to experience my body of work.

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