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Miriam Loellmann, 2014.png
Miriam Loellmann, 2014.png

IPANEMA WALL, 2014-2015
Rio de 
Chez Georges - Design Hotel
permanent installation
material:  steel and concrete

Miriam Loellmann.jpg
Miriam Loellmann.jpg
Miriam Loellmann.jpeg

Shortly after the arrival in Brazil, Miriam Loellmann is working on her second large-scale artwork inspired by the Ipanema pattern. This is her first commission for the private villa hotel Chez Georges in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.

She creates compositions of tiles she makes herself, looking for contrast and enabling a dialogue within the elements of the piece and with those who come in contact with them. This interplay of components leads to a very sensorial experience, rather than a statically designed surface.

​"The Brazilian patterns fascinate me and represent my arrival and beginning in Rio de Janeiro.

Miriam Loellmann.jpg
Miriam Loellmann.png

​​​​"Over 6 month I make the tiles in my first studio in Santa Teresa, that I share with two Argentinian artists."

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