copacabana floor, 2012 - 2013

Copacabana Floor, 2012 - 2013

project for end exam, KHB Weissensee Art Academy Berlin

material: oak, pine, leather, concrete, steel, ceramic


copacabana is a concept for a floor pavement composed of square wood tiles, where a wave pattern is continuously repeated. the pattern is engraved in each tile with different materials, which in turn have different color treatments and particular details emerged from the process of confection. the composition of tiles looks for contrast, enabling dialogues within elements of the piece and with the ones who come in contact with it. this interplay between components leads to a very sensorial experience, rather than a static designed surface. through the antagonism arranged in the floor, direct physical reactions include people in the conversation. rough - smooth, warm - cold, soft - hard are examples of relations that at once embrace the one who gets in touch with it. the surface of the tiles is perceived with time and conducted through color and structure change. all these processes of interaction embody a memory which is given through alternative layers of experience and communication, highlighting the vivid pulsation of compositions in question.