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miriam loellmann presents:

ARTFUL LIVING: the concrete cubes tables, 2021


the artist presents in this short film the concrete cubes tables, that she discovered and started to create in 2014. this film shows the newest creation of cc tables 2021.

duration of film: 2:56

w_studio cc.jpeg

the story: 

'i discovered the concrete cubes by chance in 2014, when i  was making concrete samples for a commissioned work. shortly thereafter, the concrete cube table was created, again by chance and very spontaneously, while i was cleaning my studio and temporarily needed a place for the many concrete cubes i had produced so far. finally placed them on a small table that currently had no surface tiles and they fit perfectly, as if it were made for it. i started to use this small table in my daily life to put down my coffee, for example, or to put a magazine on it, and was fascinated by its beautiful effect, charisma and originality. i then thought: 'this little table has potential. i want it to be able to fascinate and delight other people as well.' it took a few years before i really decided to make this table for sale.'



the production:

'the concrete cubes tables are handcrafted on demand as unique pieces in my studio in Rio de Janeiro. the production of a table takes about 30 to 60 days. the size of each table is 56.5 x 56.5 x 56.5 cms and it weights about 22kg. the cubes stand loosely on the leather surface of the table and can be interchanged. the steel base is made by a local welder with whom i have been working faithfully since 2016.'



the character: 

'this unusual sculpture-like piece is both a work of art and a small table for use or decoration. its main feature is the uneven surface, which resembles stones, and when touched gives a very stimulating experience. the little table is particularly charming when something lies or stands on it and there is a play of colors and shapes between the objects on the table and the table itself. it radiates calmness and simplicity and brings joie de vivre and refreshment to any ambience.'

- Miriam Loellmann

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Copyright © 2021 Miriam Loellmann, 

all rights reserved.

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