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All the buyer needs to know

Included in price:


  • Shipping costs, import tax and customs duty, packing material costs

  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA)



Kindly Note: Purchased artworks cannot be returned.

What after the decision to purchase an artwork?

After the decision to purchase an artwork has been made, the buyer must notify me of the delivery address and billing address in order to prepare the invoice, which is forwarded to the buyer.


The buyer has 14 days to transfer the full amount to my EUR-Account specified in the invoice. I will contact you via email to confirm when payment has been received and provide information on proceeding with fulfillment. 


The artwork will be shipped only after the Total Purchase Price is received.


Note: The buyer has the option to pay smaller installments over a few month rather than a big payment all at once. Kindly note that you can only take possession of the work once you’ve paid in full. The artwork will only be sent after receipts of the last installment. 

How does shipping work?


Once buyer payment is received, I start to prepare the shipping. A wooden box is built for the artwork so that it is well protected during transport. Packing is customized for each artwork and generally takes 3-7 business days for completion. The packaging costs are included in the price of the artwork.


The shipping timeline can vary depending on the artwork type, location and shipper's availability. Delivery generally takes between 2-5 weeks after approval to ship.


Immediately after approval to ship, I will relay the shipping tracking details to the buyer and monitor the shipment until delivery. 


Since 2020 I work with a common carrier (DHL) and have shipped several artworks to Europe with good experience. If the buyer however prefers to ship with a specific carrier or a specialist fine art shipper, this is also possible. In this case the buyer is responsible for the shipping and all associated costs, except for packaging costs. The buyer is responsible for the shipping! 

Will I need to sign for my package upon delivery?


Your tracking number will generally indicate whether a signature is required to receive a shipment. If you’re worried about a shipment, I recommend shipping to a location where someone can receive the work, like an office building.

What if the artwork arrives damaged?


In the rare case that an artwork does not arrive, or arrives damaged, I will work with you to find the best resolution, including getting your money back or exchange for a new artwork in the same price range. I do not make copies of my artworks. 


Note: In this case photos of the damaged artwork and wooden box need to be taken immediately and sent to me as quick as possible. 

Can I pick up the artwork in person?


If a buyer chooses to pick up their purchased artwork direct in Rio de Janeiro, the artwork will be well and practically packed in a wooden box on roles for transportation on the plane, once the buyer’s payment is confirmed. Packing is customized for each artwork and generally takes 3-7 business days for completion. 


On the day of collection the buyer can have a final look into the packed wooden box, before it is finally closed for transport. The buyer will receive all the documents necessary for transportation in the aircraft.


After the artwork is picked up, the buyer is responsible for transportation and all associated costs. Any other documents that may me required will be sent to the buyer as soon as possible.

Please let me know, if you have further questions.

Kindly,   Miriam.

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